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Denominational AffiliationRoseau Community Church is a Non-denominational Church.  On November 18, 2012 Roseau Community Church voted to disaffiliate from the Assemblies of God and become Non-denominational.  The move was precipitated by doctrinal differences, yet was made with great cooperation, wonderful counsel, and a blessing from the MN Assemblies of God representatives.


At the turn of the century, Miss Maria Olson, from Sweden, later of Minneapolis, Minnesota, came to the communities of Malung-Pencer, Minnesota, where she held Pentecostal Revival meetings in the homes.  She often stayed at the home of Peter and Betty Hetteen in Malung.  For many years the services of this group of believers were held in the homes, halls, schools, and the Independent Baptist Church in Malung and were led by itinerant pastors and lap people.  Lay people served the church until 1935, when Rev. Peter and Olive Olson and their son, Nathanael, from Canada, held Revival meetings in several homes in and around Roseau and Malung and Stafford Townships. They taught Daily Vacation Bible School at the Independent Baptist Church in Malung.

In October, 1938, Rev. Reuben Smith called the congregation together to initiate a building program.  In 1939, when the building was completed, the church was incorporated as the Full Gospel Tabernacle.

The dedication service was held July 3, 1939, with guest speaker, Rev. C.E. Erickson, from Duluth, Minnesota.

The pastors who have served the congregation are:

Rev. & Mrs. Maurice R. Cory   1939-1942
Rev. A. W. Hanson   1942-1949
Evangelist Norma Dahl   1949-1951
Rev. & Mrs. Walter Serdahl   1951-1952
Rev. & Mrs. W.A. Morken   1953-1956
Rev. & Mrs. Reuben Smith   1956-1958
Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Glennen   1958-1962
Rev. & Mrs. Marvel Juve   1962-1966
Rev. & Mrs. Robert Ludwig  


Associate Pastor Jared Gustafson   2008-2013

Rev. & Mrs. Jared Gustafson           2013-


During the interim between pastors, Rev. C. Gustav Anderson of Warroad, MN administered the Word of God.  In 1950, the church building was sold to Polaris Industries.  Property was purchased at the Original Townsite of Roseau, lots # 11, 12, 13, 14, 1 Block 7 and a basement church was built.

In 1954, during the leadership of Rev. W.A. Morken, the church became affiliated with the Minnesota District Assemblies of God, with headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.  The upper level of the basement was started in 1960 and it was completed in the fall of 1964.  The dedication service was October 5, 1964 with Herman Rhode, of the Minnesota District Council Assemblies of God, and Rev. W.A. Morken as guest speakers.

In the Fall of 1966, Rev. Robert and Patricia Ludwig were called to pastor the church and they left their Evangelistic Ministry to come to Roseau.  The congregation grew and space was needed of the auditorium, Christian Education rooms, and parking.  Seven acres were purchased along Highway 89, south of Polaris Industries.  The ground breaking for the new church, at the new site, was April 26, 1980.  The first service in the new church was July 19, 1981.

Then, in the fall of 2008, Roseau Community Church hired Associate Pastor Jared Gustafson.  Jared is a native of Roseau, having grown up here, graduating from Roseau High School in 1995.  He has served as a Youth Pastor in the inner-city of St. Paul, been a missionary in Sweden, and is now back home. 

In 2013, Roseau Community Church became and Non-denominational church.  At the same time, Pastor Jared Gustafson was hired as the Lead Pastor, after the retirement of Pastor Bob Ludwig.

At the present time the church is enjoying a growing and thriving ministry with Pastor Jared and his wife Alisa Gustafson.  We also have Youth groups, Royal Rangers and Gospel Kids Ministries for our kids.  In 2000  the church formally changed it's name to the Roseau Community Church.

Submitted by Eleanor and David Johnson.  History notes from Harriet Olson and Sylvia Lisell.


The First Roseau Assembly of God Church.


The ground breaking for the new church.  (left to right)  Gordon Halverson - Construction, David Johnson - Board Member, Milton Arneson - Mayor of Roseau, Keith Sandland - Board Member and Contractor, Harriet Olson - Building Committee, Pastor Bob Ludwig, Agnes Stoe - Chairlady of the Building Committee, Terry Modahl - Contractor, Neil Vagle - Board Member and Myron Nysether


The present site of the Roseau Community Church
(photo taken summer of 2006)


Bob and Pat Ludwig
First photo was taken during their early Evangelistic Ministry years
and the second was taken to celebrate their 40 years of service with the church.